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Getting the carpet you want

When it comes to getting the exact flooring you want and need, carpet could be exactly what you need to fill that void. It offers an amazing welcoming atmosphere and comes in a wide variety of appearances, not to mention the many benefits it is now known for, both old and new. Additionally, this floor covering is one that even makes it safer for certain members of your family, such as the very young or the very old. No matter what your flooring requirements are, you’re sure to meet most of them in this product line alone.

At Countryside Carpet & Paint, we make it our business to offer a great selection of floor coverings along with services that can help bring them to life. We not only want to meet your expectations, but we are also hoping to take it a step further by exceeding them. If you’re looking for a friendly, no pressure environment in which to choose your next floor covering be sure to stop by our showroom, located in Middlebury, VT. From there, we serve the areas of Middlebury, Bristol, Vergennes, Addison County, and Brandon, and we would love the opportunity to earn your business as well. Come see how we can make a difference in your flooring project.

Facts about carpet

Carpet is easily the softest underfoot feeling in flooring. As soon as you step out onto this floor covering, you’ll know it’s for you. This feel is created by the fiber that makes up the flooring and you’ll want to choose the one best suited to your specific flooring requirements. Each one has its very own set of characteristics, so be sure to discuss both your needs and your preferences with your flooring specialist to be suited with the very best option. Some are created specifically for luxurious softness, while others do a great job with regard to durability.

If you’re looking for great stain protection, you’ll be pleased to find that available. Manufacturers of some carpet brands have built that protection right into the very fibers of the flooring, which means you’ll be safe from permanent, set-in stains for the lifespan of your flooring. It also makes your floors easier to keep clean and the protection will never wear off, not even after repeated professional shampoos.

When it comes to installation, we do advise that you leave the job to professionals. Your flooring specialist will be able to explain why.